Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chore Chart

My kids love playing video games and I am never sure I how to best allow them the fun while still keeping a healthy limit on their "screen time."  At our house, we have settled on having the kids do chores to earn video game time.  So I found a whole bunch of apple shapes that I had left over from teaching.  I wrote "5 min" on each.  For doing small chores, the kids earn 1 apple and for larger chores 2 apples.  I even thought to add that I will take away apples for complaining about chores which has been a huge blessing.

When I saw this kit by WM[squared] and Studio Jen D I knew it would be perfect to create a chore list for the kids:

I love the way it turned out:

After creating the chart and having so much fun with this kit, I decided that I would scrap a layout about our chores for video game routine.

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