Monday, September 10, 2012

Warping shadows in PSE

One of the challenges at ScrapOrchard this week is about warping shadows.  AND they have a fabulous tutorial for PSE users.  The trick for PSE users is that you have to create a shadow on a separate layer which takes a few extra steps, but then it is easy to stretch the shadow around and get it to look like parts of elements are lifting further off the paper than others.

Let me show you what I mean.  Here is the layout I did for the challenge:

Can you see the string at the bottom of the layout?  I stretched or warped the shadow at the tips to make it look like they float above the page higher than the parts of the string that tuck under the photo.  This really helps it look more realistic.  I also warped the kite string and the butterfly shadow.  On the butterfly you can really see it - the left wing looks bent up a bit higher than the right.

Oh, and I loved how the layout turned out.  They are some of my favorite pictures from last spring and I used this great kit by WM[squared]:

If you would like to try this out or play along with the challenge at ScrapOrchard, here is the great tutorial I mentioned:

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