Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time for another freebie

I should tell you that I love using templates to create my layouts.  In fact in a way I always start with templates.  I either pick one from another designer or I create my own template at the beginning of the layout.  When I do this I will figure out what pictures I want to use.  Then I will open a blank canvas and start creating a template that incorporates that many pictures in a way that will really work for my photos.  Then I add shapes for the papers and elements.  Only then do I start adding my actual pictures and papers/elements from the kit.  I think it is my left brain nature that likes to design in basic black and white and gray shapes first and then add the "artsy" things.  I feel like I can just see the layout design better if I template it first.

So I have polished up a couple of my rough templates from some of my favorite layouts and I want to share them with you today.  You are getting a bonus of two templates in this pack since they work together so well.  :)

Here are the layouts that inspired them:

Credits: Little Black Dress by WM[squared] and Dream Big Designs, font is Sylfaen

Credits: Best Furry Friend Collab by Find Your Bliss Designs and Sugar Fancy Designs, font is Elicia by Darcy Baldwin

And here are the templates for you.  I hope that you enjoy them. :)


And to show you a bit of how fun and versatile templates can be, I liked them so much that I did a second layout using one of them.  Since it was a different theme and totally different kit type, I love how the layout came out looking completely different even though I didn't rotate it or change it much.

At the playground and Olphelia Scribbles font by WM[squared]

Have fun with them and if you download them I'd love to hear from you in the comments or see your layouts in the galleries!